EMS Auditor

Evaluation and Registration System for EMS Auditors

Qualification Requirements for Environmental Management System Auditor

Outline of Certification System of EMS Auditors

1.Evaluation and Registration System for Environmental Management System Auditors

The System of Certification and Registration of Environmental Management System Auditors (hereinafter referred to as "EMS auditors"), who implement audits of environmental management systems of organizations pursuant to JIS Q 14001 (ISO 14001) is designed to evaluate and register the EMS auditors by a neutral third party in accordance with the standard of JIS Q 19011 (ISO 19011), and subsequently to open the registration to the public.

The EMS auditors who audit the conformity of the organizations with JIS Q 14001 (ISO 14001) standard are required not only independence, impartiality and objectivity, but also knowledge and experience about the environmental management system and knowledge about works to be audited.

The Center of Environmental Auditors Registration (hereinafter referred to as "CEAR") discloses criteria for the qualification requirements, executes fair and impartial evaluation, registers the auditors conforming to the criteria, and opens the registration to the public.

2.Structure of Certification and Registration System of EMS Auditors

The structure of certification and registration system of EMS auditors is shown in the following figure.

Fig 1 Framework of EMS Auditor Registration
3.List of disclosed qualification requirements by CEAR

(1) JEMAI AE1100 : CEAR Criteria for Certification of EMS Auditors

(2) JEMAI AE1200 : Registration Procedures for EMS auditors

(3) JEMAI TE1100 : CEAR Criteria for approval of EMS Auditors Training Course

(4) JEMAI TE1200 : Registration Procedure for EMS Auditors Training Course

4.Flow chart of procedure for evaluation and registration
Fig 2 Flow of Evalution and Registration for EMS Auditor
5.Structure of CEAR

CEAR is belonging to Japan Environmental Management Association for Industry (hereinafter referred to as "JEMAI"), and in order to preserve objectivity of evaluation and registration, the president of JEMAI is directly responsible for the Center as the organization independent from the other functions in the association. A full-time director is designated as executive director of CEAR to manage its jobs, and the management committee is settled to supervise impartial and transparent jobs done by CEAR.

Fig 3 The structure of CEAR
The Management
a person being in charge of CEAR, taking responsible actions to the management committee.
Governing Board
a board to supervize CEAR in order to susutain impartiality and transparency of its job management, consisting of persons in academic standing, government authorities, EMS certification organizations, EMS auditor training organizations, industries and consumer.
Certification Scheme Committee
a committee to develop and maintain the very scheme, consisting of representatives of every interested parties.
a person in charge of implementing every function of evaluatiion and registration under the direction of the Management.
Decision committee
a committee to make decision of the evaluation results reported by evaluation teams consisting of persons in academic, EMS certification organizations, EMS auditor training organizations, and industries.
Exanination Making Committee
a committee to make questions of written examination to evaluate examinees’ competence, consisting of experts.
Evaluation Team
people to evaluate conformity with EMS auditors requirements by examining application documents, consisting of experts.
Audit Team of Training Cource
people to audit whether training course is matched for CEAR requirements (TE1100 & TE1200), consisting of EMS and QMS auditors.
Evaluation Team Meeting
meeting and exchanging issues and knowhows arising from their evaluation acitvities and the result from Decision Committee to unify evaluation technics.
Audit Team of Training Course Meeting
meeting and exchanging information of auditing training courses, the result from Decision Committee
Registration Office of Auditors
secretariat of executing administative jobs of CEAR
RegistrationOffice of Training Courses
secretariat of executing registrating job on training course.