What's JEMAI?

The Japan Environmental Management Association for Industry (JEMAI) is a public corporation organized by a membership of about 700 companies. It was established in September 1962 when industrial pollution was becoming a serious concern in Japan.

JEMAI’s activities include the following:
・environmental assessments;
・technology developments;
・surveys for air and water pollution, noise, vibration, and hazardous   
chemical substances; and
・global environmental issues.

Also, JEMAI is commissioned as the organizing body for the National Certification Examination for Pollution Control Managers. Other activities include seminars and publications, as well as international technology transfer, which involves projects mainly with southeast Asian nations such as Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines, and China.

Since 1993, JEMAI has been expanding its activities to cope with problems arising from conventional industrial pollution issues to global environmental issues, such as waste issues and chemical substances management issues, all of which are more diversified and complicated. JEMAI serves as the secretariats in Japan for ISO/TC 207 subcommittees (SC3: Environmental Labeling, SC4: Environmental Performance Evaluation, SC5: Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)). Recently, JEMAI also served in SC7, greenhouse gas management, and related activities.

JEMAI has contributed to developing tools for environmental management and popularization of LCA, which promotes environmental management among its members.

JEMAI has held “Eco-Products” exhibitions with Nikkei Inc. since 1999. The Eco-Products Exhibition is one of the largest environmental exhibitions in Japan, drawing more than 180,000 business people and consumers interested in environmental issues.

In 2006, The Joint Article Management Promotion-consortium (JAMP) was started. JAMP promotes global activities with entire industries to realize chemical risk management.

Also, JEMAI engages in business endeavors for a system of qualification and registration for emergency management systems auditors, Eco-leaf environmental labeling, carbon footprint products, and environmental site assessments. JEMAI is now in the development process for a new qualification and registration system for carbon managers.

In 2012, JEMAI celebrated its 50th anniversary. This year, JEMAI merged with two environmental organizations: the “Japan Association of Industries and Environment” and “Clean Japan Center.” The former organization presented actual results as a forum to exchange information between industry and government, while the latter presented results of activities in the field of 3R.
By inheriting the projects of these two organizations, JEMAI can now act as one of the leading organizations in the country that respond to general environment issues.

I hope JEMAI’s activities can be of assistance to meet your environmental mitigation needs.

Ryuichi Tomizawa
Japan Environmental Management Association for Industry (JEMAI)