About Clean Ocean Material Alliance

The Clean Ocean Material Alliance was established with the participation of 159 companies and associations (as of January 18, 2019). This new initiative aims to promote sustainable use of plastic products and the development and introduction of alternatives to plastics, as well as to accelerate innovations as an effort to solve issues concerning marine plastic debris, a newly emerging global challenge.

1. Outline of the alliance

It has become necessary for society to promote worldwide efforts to overcome the marine plastic debris issue, a newly emerging global challenge. To decrease such debris, conducting appropriate control of waste is urgently needed, including through thorough efforts for preventing littering, further enhancement of the 3R (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle Promotion) initiatives involving plastic products, and further development and adoption of plastics with excellent biodegradability and materials alternative to plastics, for e.g., paper.

Against this backdrop, the Clean Ocean Material Alliance was established as a new platform that helps a wide variety of cross-sectoral stakeholders to collaborate and accelerate innovation. To this end, on November 20, 2018, the initiative started a call for members of the alliance, and the alliance was officially established with the participation of 159 companies and associations (as of January 18, 2019).

The alliance will strive to engage in: [i] information-sharing between providers of raw materials and user companies through technological and business matching events and conveyance of information on leading case examples, [ii] ascertaining the latest technical trends through technical exchange and technical seminars with research institutes, [iii] collaboration with international organizations, overseas research institutes and other associations as well as international collaboration to convey information to developing countries and other regions, and [iv] encouraging companies in a variety of fields to collaborate in effective utilization of plastic products in general.

2. Organization

  • 3 working Groups on Dissemination & Promotion, Technology and International Cooperation will address the concrete activities.
  • 207 companies/organizations from plastics manufacturers to customers and retailers on value chain joined the alliance as of the end of April. The president company is Kao Corporation.
  • Main Activities(PDF file)
  • Examples(PDF file)

3. Member List

Member List

4. Secretariat

Japan Clean Ocean Material Alliance
2-1,. Kajicho 2-chome Chiyodaku,Tokyo Japan 101-0044
E-mail : cloma(at)

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