Map to Head Office of JEMAI

Map to Head Office of JEMAI

Mitsui-sumitomo Building 6F/7F,
2-1, Kaji-cho 2 chome, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Japan
Zip. 101-0044

Two minutes walk from JR Line Kanda Station
(Exit South/East)

Three minutes walk
Subway (Tokyo Metro) Ginza line Kanda Station Exit No.1

Four minutes walk from JR Line Shin-nihonbashi Station


Office Layout

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  TEL FAX E-mail
Chemical Management and Information Center
Chemical Management and Information Office +81-3-5209-7705 +81-3-5209-7717 chemicals(at)
JAMP Office
JAMP-IT Office +81-3-3255-2551 +81-3-5209-7717 jamp-gp(at)
International Support Center for Chemical Management +81-3-5209-7709 +81-3-5209-7706 int-chem(at)
LCA Center
LCA Office +81-3-5209-7708 +81-3-5209-7716 jemai-lca(at)
ECO-Design Office +81-3-5209-7712 +81-3-5209-7716 cfp(at)
(Carbon Footprint)
(EcoLeaf type III environmental labelling)
Center of Environmental Technology, Education and Training
International Cooperation and technology Office +81-3-5209-7707 +81-3-5209-7716 tech(at)
Training and education Office +81-3-5209-7703 +81-3-5209-7717 webmaster(at)
Environmental Site Assessors Registration Office +81-3-5209-7711 +81-3-5209-7732
Registration Office of Carbon manager +81-3-5209-7711 +81-3-5209-7732
Center of Publishing and Public Relations +81-3-5209-7710 +81-3-5209-7716
Resources Recycling Promotion Center +81-3-5209-7704 +81-3-5209-7717
Japan Association of Industries and Environment +81-3-5209-7702 +81-3-5209-7716
Department of General Affairs +81-3-5209-7701 +81-3-5209-7715
Center of National Examination for Pollution Control Manager +81-3-5209-7713 +81-3-5209-7718
Center of Environmental Auditors Registration +81-3-5209-7714 +81-3-5209-7719