3R / 産業と環境の会 / 環境技術 / 環境規格(ISO)




SC2 (Physical, chemical and biochemical methods)
  ワーキンググループ 名称
SC2 WG33 Ion chromatography methods
SC2 WG38 Flow analysis methods
SC2 WG48 QA/QC(Quality Assurance/Quality Control)
SC2 WG52 Antimony, arsenic and selenium
SC2 WG59 Chloroalkanes
SC2 WG63 Discrete analysis
SC2 WG65 Coloured dissolved organic matter
SC2 WG66 Cyanide
SC2 WG68 Turbidity
SC2 WG69 Chlorine planar cuvettes
SC2 WG71 Highly volatile organic compounds
SC2 WG72 Methylsiloxanes
SC2 WG73 Multi-class methods
SC2 WG75 Pharmaceutical ingredients
SC2 WG77 Alkylmercury
SC2 WG78 Micricystins
SC2 WG79 Flow immunosensor dioxins
SC2 WG80 Chemical oxygen demand


SC3 (Radioactivity measurements)
  ワーキンググループ 名称
SC3 WG4 Uranium
SC3 WG5 Plutonium and americium
SC3 WG6 Tritium and carbon 14
SC3 WG7 Rapid test methods in emergency situations
SC3 WG8 Gross activity
SC3 WG9 Pure beta emitters
SC3 WG10 Radium 228
SC3 WG11 Polonium 210
SC4 (Microbiological methods)
  ワーキンググループ 名称
SC4 WG2 Coliforms (E. coli and other coliforms)
SC4 WG10 Legionella
SC4 WG14 Campylobacter
SC4 WG17 Legionella by PCR
SC4 WG20 Enumeration
SC4 WG21 Validation
SC4 WG22 Quality control of membrane filters
SC4 WG23 Pseudomonas aeruginosa


SC5 (Biological methods)
  ワーキンググループ 名称
SC5 WG1 Toxicity - Bacteria and biodegradability
SC5 WG2 Toxicity to invertebrates
SC5 WG3 Toxicity - Fish
SC5 WG5 Toxicity - Algae and aquatic plants
SC5 WG9 Genotoxicity
SC5 WG12 Key ecotoxicity testing issues
SC6 (Sampling (general methods) )
  ワーキンググループ 名称
SC6 WG1 Sampling management
SC6 WG3 Preservation and handling of samples
SC6 WG6 Drinking water and water used for food and beverage processing (Revision of ISO 5667-5)
SC6 WG11 Sampling of sludges and sediments
SC6 WG13 Marine waters
SC6 WG14 Waste waters